Our Philosophy

Logistics Network's leading thought is to meet with the high individual demands of our customers while using the advantage of joint activities:


  • Logistics Network is a meeting point for all protagonists from logistics industry with the objective of gaining information and of practising networking. It is meant to generate business by creating the appropriate atmosphere.


In this spirit Logistics Network offers a high quality market place as a central platform for communication and information, carried through regularly in different forms at different places.


  • Logistics Network stands for a sensible connection of products and service complementing one another. It stands on the other hand for common interaction of participating networking partners externally and among each other.


Globalised value added chains require comprehensive and complex solutions which usually can only be realised by concentrating the competencies of those involved in the process chain. Consequently it is necessary to choose a conceptual approach which considers appropriate competencies and which can be made avialable in a customer- and demand-oriented manner.


The creation of market places


Logistics Network's basic idea is to make logistics available. The availability is realised by the creation of real regional, supraregional, nationwide and international market places. Logistics Network lays the foundations for the initiation and realisation of business activities.


Our objective:

Logistics Network concentrates competencies and acts in networks in order to develop holistic and customer-oriented approaches. These approaches may be individual or special solutions or complete solutions for complex and cross-process logistic solutions. Logistics Network considers itself an ambitious market place for all questions and solutions concerning logistics.


Logistics Network is a product of LNC with its own corporate design and corresponding product characteristics.